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Quaich Tour Update

The Quaich Tour is the Scottish Disc Golf Tour series which seeks to encourage players of all standards to compete. The 2020 tour was going to be the biggest yet with a two day and one day series. The tour was going to include England; Ireland and Wales as we went all over Britain and Ireland. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak much of the tour has had to be cancelled or postponed.

In the first few months of the year, 4 tour events were completed: Hard Frost Doubles; Hard Frost Singles; Ides of Match and Mocha Loch Tay.

We are now delighted to announce the planned resumption of the Quaich Tour with a slate of three final events to crown a champion in each division. The events are as follows:

The Glasgow GIAB Open (GGO) – Springburn Park, Glasgow - September 5th/6th

The Caledonian Open – Ruchill and Springburn Park, Glasgow – October 4th

The Scottish Open 2020 – Bluebell Woods, Dunbar – October 24/25th

All events will be subject to local and national government advice and guidelines in relation to coronavirus.

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